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My name is Allie. 


I have spent over a decade studying, practicing and teaching yoga, esoteric yogic philosophy, meditation, sexual and traditional tantra, and spirituality. The past several years I’ve dedicated my time and studies to learning and teaching about yoga therapy, trauma, embodiment practices, inner child and shadow work, women’s health, boundaries and consent. My academic degree and lifelong interest in psychology laid the groundwork for this life and career path. 


A lifetime of studying, learning, exploring, and experiencing has gifted my free spirit with tremendous personal (and professional) evolution. And after spending many, many days as a devoted yoga and meditation teacher, tantrika, and spiritual gangster, I have cultivated a deep passion for providing guidance, coaching, and value to others. Everything in my life and studies has prepared me for helping others on the path of self-exploration, self-awareness, love, and truth.  


This year I’m expanding my mission to help others by spreading these teachings and knowledge through online engagement. Coaching, classes, courses, workshops, and retreats all over this glorious interconnected internet. I want to make the world a little smaller and a lot better. 


When I first had Allie as my yoga teacher for a month I instantly fell in love with her bubbly and friendly nature. The way she put her classes together, taught me theory as well as practice, I enjoyed very much. 
Later on, I also took her services in coaching and I felt always well taken care of by her presence, professional detached insights, and loving compassion. 


I can highly recommend Allie to anyone who is on the path to themselves to find more clarity.

Jaya, Germany

Allie is an amazing person and wonderful guide. I highly recommended her coaching services to anyone who is seeking clarity, direction and guidance. Allie and me became friends very quickly, as she is approachable, kind, loving and a good person. I trust her counsel and believe she can help center you and assist with planning you life. Allie genuinely cares about her clients and relations and I personally found her sessions very helpful. We need more Allie's in this world! Namaste ~

Riva, USA

Allie, words are hard to find for you, you are an incredible mentor and I take my hat off to you for the love strength compassion support you have brought to each of us, to me, you are a big part of the reason I am who I am today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Emily, Australia

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